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Where do our vouchers go?2024-03-06T10:56:51+00:00
  • Coats4Kids supplies vouchers preferentially to the schools nominated by our donors.
Where does Coats4Kids operate?2024-04-03T16:49:08+00:00
  • Coats4Kids will provide vouchers and coats wherever we have funding to fulfil a need. We are currently supporting children in Suffolk, Devon, The Wirral, Kent, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Scotland, and parts of London, but funding aside we have no geographical limitations within the borders of the UK.
How can I help?2024-03-06T10:57:25+00:00

1. If you are a Rotarian:

  • Get a Coats4Kids speaker to your Club.
  • Talk to your local primary schools to gauge their level of need
  • Seek sponsorship
  • Buy vouchers
  • Spread the word

2. If you are a business:

  • Speak to your local Rotary Club, or contact Coats4Kids direct
  • Donate direct to us, or sponsor your local Rotary Club’s Coats4Kids fundraising (eg – match-funding).

3. If you are a charity:

  • Give grants to Coats4Kids to support our efforts!

4. If you are an individual that would like to help

  • You can make a gift by clicking here. Thank you for your generosity. Every penny helps
How do we involve schools?2024-03-06T10:57:34+00:00
  • Coats4Kids asks schools to identify those children aged 4-11 whose family circumstances mean they have no winter coat (schools are usually only too well aware of who those children are!), and let us know how may coats they need. We do not see any details of individual children.
  • We will send the school as many vouchers as needed to fulfil that need, within the constraints of our available funding, and ask that they be given to the families of those children previously identified (not to the children themselves).
  • We DO NOT ask schools to be involved in ordering, storing or distributing coats. As well as avoiding those additional burdens on already overworked school staff, this reduces any chance of the coats being identified by the children as provided through charity.
Why do we distribute our coats online?2024-03-06T10:57:38+00:00
  • Our objective is to make it as easy as possible to receive a Coats4Kids coat, and to avoid placing any additional burden on the family or the school.
Why do we only provide new coats?2024-03-06T10:57:45+00:00
  • Coats4Kids want to be sure that the children we help receive only a top quality garment – one that will last and continue to keep a child warm in future years, even after its first wearer has grown out of it.
  • There are already a number of initiatives to collect and distribute secondhand coats, to both children and adults. However, children’s coats seem to be in fairly short supply.
  • Children living in poverty or destitution may never have had any new clothing. A smart, warm, new winter coat can work wonders for a child’s mental health, confidence, and self-esteem – a fact the schools we work with readily confirm.
Why do we need to provide coats?2024-04-07T13:36:58+00:00
  • According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 4.2 million children in the UK – almost 1 in 3 of all primary school children – come from families classed as in poverty. Over a million children come from families classed as destitute – ie, they are unable to pay for even the basics – to eat, to keep warm, to keep a roof over their head and to clothe themselves.
Why are coats important?2024-02-28T17:25:55+00:00
  • Keeping warm in winter is critical for a child’s health, wellbeing, education and physical development.
  • Children can’t learn if they are cold.
  • A warm winter coat is essential for children to be able to play outside in winter, as well as keeping them warm on their journey between home and school.
Who receives our coats?2024-03-06T10:57:56+00:00
  • Coats4Kids provides coats for children aged between 4 and 11 years. Those in need of coats are identified by their Primary schools – who are usually only too well aware of the circumstances of their pupils. In general, recipients would already qualify for the Pupil Premium
Who can help us?2024-03-06T10:58:01+00:00
  • Coats4Kids is supported by Rotary Clubs, individuals, businesses, and other charitable organisations. We welcome donations of any sort or size from any legal source.
Who are we?2024-03-06T10:58:06+00:00
  • Coats4Kids is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity #1204093) registered with the Charity Commission. We began in 2021 as a project of the Rotary E-Club of District 1070, but formed an independent CIO in early 2023 to be better able to pursue our goals. Our Trustees are currently all Rotarians, and we conform to the Rotary codes of standards and ethics.
What is Coats4Kids?2024-04-03T16:53:17+00:00
  • Coats4Kids is a charity derived from a charitable project of the Rotary E-Club of District 1070. Coats4Kids raises money to buy new winter coats for primary school children whose families cannot afford to provide one.

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